About us

Careshaper enables societal well-being and helps improve the quality of life for both the care seeker and care professional.

Inspired by care professionals and build for care professionals, we draw upon best practices in integrative care.

We designed intuitive features to help you manage your practice and reduce your administrative burdens to a minimum, so you can dedicate yourself to your clients’ journey and shaping your care.

And yes, Careshaper is GDPR compliant and protects your privileged therapeutic relationship and the privacy of your clients.

What we commit to

The ethics and best practices that underpin the mental health care sector guide us is developing Careshaper towards a force for well-being.

We value the diversity in the way care is being offered, organised and delivered. Careshaper is a tool that complements and assists you in the way you prefer to work.

Via our democratic development approach we use your feedback to prioritise the development and shaping of specific features of the Careshaper platform.

We believe that entrepreneurial success can be achieved by developing products and services that contribute to the benefit of society.