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Online Profile

Connect with potential clients and showcase your expertise with our online professional profile feature.
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Online Booking

Empower your clients and simplify your scheduling with our booking feature. Make scheduling a breeze and regain time to focus on what matters most to you. You and your clients can now book and manage booked sessions.


Client Account

Stand out from the competition and enhance your patients' mental health journey with our patient account feature.
Get started today and provide your patients with a multi-functional, user-friendly solution.



Take control of your schedule.Stay on top of your appointments and keep your practice organized with our easy-to-use agenda management feature with Google Calendar and Google Meet integration.


Care Hub

Build a network of trust. Become part of our growing community of certified psychotherapists, psychologists, coaches, psychiatrists and psycho-social support organizations.


Case Management

Take your mental health practice to the next level with our all-in-one client management feature. Careshaper’s case management architecture allows you to have a comprehensive view on your case work. You can securely access your clients' files anytime you need, from wherever you are.



Be on top of your schedule. With our notifications feature and Google Calendar integration, you can relax knowing that you and your clients are constantly up to date with the status of your sessions, even when you're not actively using Careshaper.


Health Timeline

Get the big picture: our easy-to-use timeline feature provides a complete overview of your patients' mental health journey, making it easy to identify trends and patterns. Join us now and optimize your practice.



Simplify your finances, elevate your practice. Careshaper's accounting features optimize invoicing, financial reporting and time sheets, freeing up valuable time and resources. You can now easily track your revenue and expenses, and make better financial decisions.


“Before using Careshaper I was frustrated by the large number of cancellations and no shows. After a few weeks of using the platform that number dropped significantly. The notification set up and google calendar integration made all the difference.”

Catherine M.


“I was worried about loosing new clients when I would not reply to their phone calls. Via my online profile clients can now also choose, book and change consultations directly online. The waiting list feature just adds to the magic of this platform. It gives me a professional edge as clients love using it.”

Michel P.


“I used to spend a day and a half per month on bookkeeping and reporting. Such a relief to have more me-time to recharge, now that my administration is taken care of with a few clicks.”

Bogdan V.


“Having everything in one place helps me to organize my workday, my referrals, cases, and my clients’ therapeutic journey in general. All of that without compromising the safety of my clients' personal information.”

Sophie Z.


What we stand for

“The joy of leadership comes from seeing others achieve more than they thought they were capable of.”

“We're serving those who serve others”

by Simon Sinek
  • Ensure data protection, security and user privacy
  • Workflow simplification for an intuitive user experience
  • A functional design mapped on therapeutic best practices
  • Investment in proprietary projects furthering civil society and well-being
  • Reduce lead-times and administrative operations in care provision
  • Support traditional and e-based forms of care
  • Facilitate interdisciplinary referral and communication

Privacy and Security

Client confidentiality is at the core of Careshaper and its features. Health-related and personal information is treated with the out-most respect for privacy and data safety.

Careshaper is fully compliant with current GDPR EU regulations, and commits to using appropriate technical and organisational safeguards for data protection and data recovery.

Personal data is encrypted, and exclusively shared by users in a therapeutic or contractual relationship on Careshaper, within or outside the EU.

This data is never accessible to Careshaper or any other third party and is processed and stored in the EU.


Our Pricing Plans

We believe in fair pricing and the importance of building a good relationship with you.

We’d like to get to know each other better. You can use Careshaper as much as you want for the first month without the need for your credit card details.

You will be able to choose from a monthly usage based plan or a prepaid yearly subscription.

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